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Stenson Landscaping a full service irrigation company specializing in repairs and maintenance of existing irrigation systems and the installation of new ones. Over time irrigation components can become damaged causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Whether the damage is caused by environmental wear, product lifespan or faulty installation, we can fix it. At Stenson Landscaping our service is second to none. There are many companies in the Dallas area which install sprinkler systems for customers but only a handful which specialize in maintenance and repair. For many companies the goal is to install as many sprinkler systems as possible and then move on to the next. They often strive for quantity over quality. This type of installation usually results in poor irrigation system performance and in time, complete system malfunction.

This is where Stenson Landscaping comes into the picture: we focus most of our time and energy on the repair and reconstruction of faulty sprinkler systems. Our advanced knowledge of the industry and our extreme dedication to client satisfaction has allowed us to soar above our competitors and build strong, long lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our passion lies with providing high quality services to deserving people. We understand that a first impressions count, and the key to healthy landscaping is proper irrigation for your home or business. Stenson Landscaping services all major irrigation systems including: Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, WeatherMatic and Irritrol. Our service experience has given us the knowledge to install the most energy and water proficient systems available.

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