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landscaping-01Professional Lawn Care Service. Are you tired of taking care of your lawn? Do you want your yard to look better, but all of your efforts have been unsuccessful? Let Stenson Landscaping’s lawn technicians keep your lawn perfectly manicured with our lawn care services. Our weekly or bi-weekly lawn care services include cutting grass and edging along beds, concrete, walkways, and curbs. We conclude the lawn service by blowing all hard surfaces to give your yard that polished look.  Stenson Landscaping has an unlimited number of lawn care references, so call us today for a quote.

In addition to our professional lawn care services, Stenson Landscaping provides all of the necessary on-going maintenance that you need to maintain your home’s curb appeal. We will take care of your beds, remove debris, balance your soil, fertilize, provide pre- and post-emergent weed control, trim bushes, edge and prune. Stenson Landscaping will even maintain your mulch and periodically replenish it when needed. If we find any drainage issues that need to be addressed, Stenson Landscaping will recommend a permanent solution and provide you with an economical way to solve your water drainage problems. 


landscaping-37Our professional lawn mowing and maintenance services are year-round and include everything you need to ensure that your yard looks its best at all times. If you are tired of mowing your grass or if you are just moving in to your home and need a reliable lawn maintenance company, please call Stenson Landscaping today. We look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your lawn care and landscape needs!

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