Outdoor Lighting



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Stenson Landscaping's Outdoor Lighting can transform a landscape design at night while highlighting particular features – conversation areas, fountains, patios, walkways and outdoor kitchens. Evening lighting is also essential for safety along walkways and for all-season pleasure of your yard or patio area.

Whatever your outdoor lighting desires are, Stenson Landscaping can design something special for your property. Our designers can create light-scapes that enhance the true beauty of your garden and highlight how beautiful your home is! Whether it's for home entertaining, family relaxation or safety, extend the enjoyment of your landscape well into the evening with a well-designed, lovely outdoor lighting work of art.

Lighting Services Include:

  • Path, Spot, And Area Lighting
  • Grazing at the Moon Lighting
  • Up or Down Lighting
  • Shadowing and Silhouetting
  • Safety and Security Lighting
  • Architectural & Plant Accenting



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